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Doctoral Programs

The following list gives an overview of doctoral programs and graduate schools at the seven faculties of the University of Zurich. For questions about individual programs, please contact the listed program coordinators directly.

Faculty of Theology and Religions | TRF

Faculty of Law | RWF

Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics | WWF

Faculty of Medicine | MeF

Vetsuisse Faculty | VSF

Faculty of Arts | PhF

Faculty of Science | MNF

More Information

First Steps to a PhD

All information regarding admission, requirements, contents and procedures can be found on the website of the Graduate Campus.
Graduate Campus: First Steps to a PhD

Is a PhD for Me?

A PhD is a challenging long-term project which takes a high degree of self-initiative, responsibility, commitment and endurance. The Graduate Campus website provides some food for thought which should help you reflect on your motivation for pursuing a PhD.
Graduate Campus: A Successful PhD