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Current Exhibitions

  • Final Days: Honeymoon? Five Questions on the Hans Paasche Collection

    Until 14 April: The workshop exhibition provides insights into current research between ethnology, provenance research and collaboration with experts from the region of origin.

  • Final Days: Business Idea? Five Questions on the Noanamá Object Sets

    Until 14 April: The workspace exhibition at the Ethno?gra?phic Museum explores the commer?cial collec?ting practice and the rela?tion?ships it creates.

  • Looted Goods? Five Questions on Objects from China

    A new workspace exhibition at the Ethnographic Museum at the University of Zurich now shines a light on objects that may have been looted from China. Until 12 May 2024.

  • Workpieces? Five Questions on Negev Bedouin Embroideries from their Descendants

    The Ethnographic Museum is showcasing embroidered Bedouin textiles from the Negev desert, including their origins and the context in which they were created. Until 15 September 2024.

  • Mask Dances? Five Questions on Ritual Costumes from Sri Lanka

    The Ethnographic Museum is displaying masks, costumes and ritual objects from Sri Lanka. The exhibition creates space for encounters and questions the museum's own history. Until 15 September 2024.

  • Animals on the Move

    The collection of the Natural History Museum of the University of Zurich comprises over a million objects, now being moved into the new collection storage depot. A special exhibition at the new museum reveals what a major undertaking such a move is. Until 30 September.

  • JAPARI – Our living memory

    Meet the magic of kené – ancestral Shipibo-Konibo geometric designs, which are usually illu?strated in tapes?tries or ceramics. Online exhi?bi?tion in Spanish, French, German and 明升体育_明升体育备用网址-app|平台|官网.

  • 360° Exhibitions

    The Ethnographic Museum is making past exhibitions available in the virtual space using 360° documentation.


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Video: 5 Questions on the Collections (in German)

More about Video: 5 Questions on the Collections (in German)

With the exhibition series "5 Questions on the Collections", the Ethnographic Museum is making its museum work visible and inviting people to look at the collections and objects from ever new perspectives.